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Jardin Online Shop delivers flowers and gifts in the territory of Burgas and the country!
If you have special preferences for bouquets or arrangements, or you want to place an express order, call us to discuss them and find the best solution.
For Burgas:
!!! Within the town of Burgas delivery is free of charge for orders over 20 leva. For orders below 20 leva we add an extra charge of 6.00 leva for courier service plus the price of the product to be delivered to the address and addressee given by you.

*The order and payment must be made at least 6 hours prior to the end of the period you have chosen. If the exact delivery time is not specified by you, the order and payment must be made at least 6 hours before 8.00 pm in case it is a same-day order. For orders placed after 5.00 pm delivery is made on the following day. Delivery is made after it has been paid for.

*Flowers deliveries to the cities on the southern coast are carreid out from the premises in Burgas. Prices for deliveries to the south coast areas are:

Zone I – 20.00 lv. – Pomorie, Aheloi, Ravda, Nessebar, Sunny Beach,Chernomorets, Sozopol, holiday village Duni, Kableshkovo, Aitos, Sredets, Kameno.

Zone II – 30.00 lv. – St. Vlas, holiday village Elenite, Primorsko

Zone III – 40.00 lv. – Lozenets, Tsarevo

Zone IV – 60.00 lv. – Varvara, Ahtopol, Sinemorets

For the country:
* A 10.00- lev courier fee is charged plus the price of every product to be delivered to the address and addressee in the territory of the country, given by you. The order and payment must be made at least 1 day prior to the date of delivery you have chosen.

You have to inquire on the telephone about deliveries on non-working days and statutory holidays.
The firm works with ePay and PayPal payment systems. To pay by card you have to be an ePay or PayPal registered member.
To place an order you have to register in the site. This will make ordering and tracking the order until delivered easier.
For your order to be taken online you have to take the following steps:
In Profile you fill in the spaces:
•    Name and surname of the requester
•    Telephone number of the requester
•    E-mail address of the requester
•    Name and surname of the recipient
•    Address of the recipient
•    Telephone number of the recipient
•    Date and hour of delivery
After you have chosen a product you like, press SEE MORE under the photo.
You will see the photo enlarged and you select on the right-hand side:
•    Select QUANTITY
•    Select SIZE of the product: SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE
•    Add a CARD and a TEXT to it.
•    Confirm with the button BUY
•    The SHOPPING CART will open
•    There you choose a destination in the drop-down menu: BURGAS or COUNTRY
•    Select PAYMENT METHOD in the drop-down menu:
-    On delivery
-    Bank transfer
-    ePay
-    PayPal
You can also pay in person in the shop, and we will make the delivery.
The next step is one of the options:
•    Add new products  by selecting CONTINUE SHOPPING;
•    Refuse the product by selecting EMPTY THE SHOPPING CART
•    Complete the process of purchasing by pressing the button FORWARD
If you already have a registration and are placing a new order, fill in the recipient’s data in PROFILE.

If you choose to pay by debit or credit card through Virtual POS Terminal in the system of Fibank no registration required.

Upon completion of the payment system automatically returns you to the site.
If you have decided on paying by ePay, the system will automatically redirect you to www.e-Pay.bg . To pay by card you have to have a registration in this site and a micro-account. After the payment has been made ePay automatically returns you to our site.
If you have selected PayPal as a payment method, the site redirects you to www.paypal.com
You have to have a registration in www.paypal.bg . After the payment has been made PayPal automatically redirects you to our site.
If you have chosen to pay by a bank transfer, the data you need are:
IBAN: BG68 TTBB 9400 1527 9373 42

Attention! If you are abroad and choose to pay by BANK TRANSFER, you will have to add 20 BGN for an international bank transfer fee to the price of bouquet

If you have made the bank transfer and your order is urgent, please send a copy of the payment order to e-mail: info@jardin.bg
You can pay cash for your order to the courier on receiving the product you have selected. You can see your order confirmed in MYORDERS on the site.
If necessary, you can contact us at the telephone numbers given or write to us in the page About us – Contacts.
Delivery is made only if the amount in question has been paid.
The prices of all products are in BGN.
The customer has the right to refuse an order they have placed 10 hours before the delivery date requested, bearing in mind that the working hours are from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm. The refusal can be made by sending an e-mail or by telephone. Refusal of order is valid if only received by our Customer Service Department at e-mail: info@jardin.bg
The payment safety is guaranteed by the payment systems. No information about your credit cards is filled in with us (in our site). It is filled in the payment sites after being redirected to them from ours. These sites have a safe and convenient platform for making payments.
The information given by the users of thse sites is used by Jardin Flora EOOD only for the sake of fulfilling the orders properly. The firm guarantees the privacy of your personal details!
In case of a wrong address given or a missing telephone number for contacting the recipient and when they cannot be reached, the company does not take delivery responsibility.

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