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Grow a spring flower garden at home

At the end of the long winter we all dream of sunshine, warmth and hikes. It won’t take you a long time to make your own beautiful garden and bring a whiff of spring into your home. If you have children, it is a good idea to entice them into the activity and in this way you will work towards cultivating an attitude of love for nature in them as well as developing their aesthetic sense.

Necessary materials: a glass bowl, river pebbles and daffodil (tulip, hyacinth) bulbs.

Step 1 Wash the pebbles well and arrange them carefully in the glass container.

Step 2 Arrange the bulbs close to each other and use the pebbles to hold them upright.

Step 3 Add water until it reaches the bottoms of the bulbs.

Step 4 Keep the container in a dark place until roots develop.
Step 5 Move the container to a window.

Stems will grow, with each bulb sending out several stems with flowers.

Step 6 Change the water once every few days to keep the bulbs fresh and clean.

This is how you can have a lovely spring garden at home, watch the stages through which bulb plants go while developing, and enjoy their lovely blooms.

You can also make this garden during the cold winter months (photos from the Internet used)