Basket Beautiful Spring Flowers №2

from 72.00 лв. to 93.00 лв.

Flower Basket №3

from 82.00 лв. to 152.00 лв.

Basket with Eustoma

from 65.00 лв. to 105.00 лв.

Basket Orchids and roses

from 72.00 лв. to 175.00 лв.

Basket “Pink Roses” №4

from 89.00 лв. to 185.00 лв.

flowers in a box №2

from 72.00 лв. to 105.00 лв.

Flower Basket №4

from 119.00 лв. to 278.00 лв.

Basket of Alstroemeria №1

from 195.00 лв. to 449.00 лв.

Basket Pink Roses №2

from 199.00 лв. to 375.00 лв.

Basket Beautiful Spring Flowers

from 85.00 лв. to 137.00 лв.

Flower basket “Romantic”

from 84.00 лв. to 153.00 лв.

Luxury Basket Roses, Cymbidium and Vanda

from 124.00 лв. to 243.00 лв.

Flower basket №2

from 63.00 лв. to 77.00 лв.

Composition of Peonies and Roses

from 75.00 лв. to 143.00 лв.

Roses in box №19

from 219.00 лв. to 365.00 лв.

flowers basket

from 73.00 лв. to 94.00 лв.

Arrangement Sunflowers

from 65.00 лв. to 95.00 лв.

Dear customers,

Thank you for visiting our site!


On the occasion of Women's Day, March 8, 2024. there is a change in the deadlines for accepting orders and delivering flowers:


For Burgas: orders are accepted all days. If possible also on 8.03.2024.

They are delivered during the working hours of the online shop, without an exact delivery time option.


For the cities along the Southern Black Sea coast:

orders are accepted until March 6. Delivered on March 8. Orders placed on March 8th will be delivered on March 9th and 10th!

For the other cities orders are accepted until 6.03.2024. Delivery on 8.03.2024. Orders placed after March 6 will be delivered on March 10!

Orders for small settlements are accepted until 6.03.2024. Deliveries to small settlements are delivered according to Econt's schedule, for servicing the settlement!