1. We are obliged to deliver the flowers to the submitted address and name of the receiver.

2. In your order you should specify the delivery day. Please indicate your preferred delivery time and we will do our best to comply with it. In case of a busy schedule, heavy traffic, distant destinations or any other reason for inability to deliver, the fixed delivery time will not be followed.

In case of circumstances preventing the delivery within the fixed time-frame, we will do our best to make sure you are informed on time by phone or through an email.

3. In case of a delivery to small settlements, please check the delivery schedule of Econt Express courier services. Small settlements are often catered for 2 or 3 times a week and there is NO priority delivery hour.

4. In order to make a correct order, it is necessary to fill in the correct mandatory data in the registration form:

  • In the “Calculate the Delivery fee” field it is the delivery based on the point of delivery. If you do not find the wanted destination select “OTHER”
  • about the recipient – name and surname, city, correct address – residential complex, street number, entrance no, floor, apartment №, delivery date and time, telephone number;
  • about the sender – name and surname, phone number, e-mail;

If correct data is submitted the ordered article will be delivered within the specified day and hour.

5. In case of submission of a wrong address and / or a telephone number of the recipient, or if the recipient is not answering, or if the delivery is not possible, the firm shall not be held responsible for the delivery. The amount due is nonrefundable. You will be notified at the telephone number or email submitted. The goods can be delivered to you within 24 hours or forwarded to an address specified by you, where you will be charged for the delivery.

6. In the event that the recipient can not be found within the set period of time and the said address or fails to secure the necessary delivery conditions of the goods in full we hereby declare ourselves free of the obligation to deliver the goods.The goods will be delivered back to the office and kept for 24 hours, and you will be informed by phone or email supplied in the registration form, where you can pick-up your order. In case the recipient refuses to accept the delivery, you will be contacted by phone or email provided in the registration form from where you can pick-up your order within the next 24 hours.You can confirm your wish  to deliver the goods to another address for which you should cover all delivery charges. In this case a new delivery term comes into effect following the confirmation of the above.