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Bouquet Peonies and Eustoma №2

from 124.00 лв. to 319.00 лв.

Bouquet lilies, Roses, Hhrysanthemums

from 73.00 лв. to 187.00 лв.

lilium and anthurium

from 102.00 лв. to 135.00 лв.

Bouquet Sunflowers №4

from 52.00 лв. to 105.00 лв.

Roses in a box №21

from 129.00 лв. to 242.00 лв.

Heart of roses Love

from 204.00 лв. to 408.00 лв.

Bouquet A Wink

from 72.00 лв. to 147.00 лв.

Flowers in Box №10

from 131.00 лв. to 259.00 лв.

Lilies Asian night

from 65.00 лв. to 129.00 лв.

Vanda and Cymbidium

from 58.00 лв. to 135.00 лв.

A Tender Thrill

from 209.00 лв. to 499.00 лв.

bouquet of tulips “amazing”

from 59.00 лв. to 95.00 лв.

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Thank you а lot

I would like to thank you for the beautiful bouquet! It exceeded our expectations 🙂
Happy Holydays!


Thank you dearly for the perfect job done! My sister surely sounded nicely surprised!
I wish for your work to bring you pleasure and happiness!


Thank you for the prompt response! The bouquet, the gift card and the inscription were amazing!
You made my sister very happy!

Karolina Georgieva
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